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Depot Manager FFM (w/m)

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We are looking for small business or individual to take over depot management responsibilities for our VIP depot in Frankfurt (Germany)


German, English very good
Living near or visits Frankfurt am Main more than 4 times a week.
Home office with reasonable Internet access.
Knowledge of the region required (lifetime locals preferred).

Be your own boss in this flexible job, get up to 1€ bonus per shopping cart in the depot. No investment on start required (all provided). Established small business owner preferred.
Up to 1000€ start bonus.

Job description:
First level support for customers in your depot, expanding the depot by adding new shops, products, shopping fairies.
The job is available for mothers and seniors as well as people with the various level of invalidity (working from home mainly).

Posted: 10.06.2018 0:52

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