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Kolonada traditional Czech spa wafer

Traditional spa-wafers from Czechia. Next best thing when you cannot visit Marianske Lazne or Karlovy Vary

5 pieces, circa 200g

1x Piece for 3,00 €

Real Czech Dumplings

Genuine Czech dumplings with puffed rice. Intermediate product, add 200ml water, make 2 dumplings, cook in salt water for 20min. Cut to 1cm slices.
400x g for 4,90 €

Real Czech whole-flour coarse wheat meal

Real Czech coarse wheat meal. Especially good to make traditional dumplings and cakes for which is typical fine flour too fine and grits too hard.
1x kg for 2,00 €

Real Czech Potato Dumplings

Genuine Czech potato dumplings. Intermediate product, add 350ml water, make 2-3 dumplings, cook in salt water for 15min. Cut to 1cm slices.

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400x g for 5,90 €