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Replacement net for Optimal Horse

SlowFeeding Inc.
Pet Store

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This replacement net for Optimal Horse can only be used as a part of a complete SlowFeeding Optimal Horse. The net is available in 4 mesh sizes:
A = 3 cm = 1 1/4" . This is not a recommended mesh sizes since it might make it too difficult for the horse to get anything to eat.
B = 3,5 cm = 1 1/2" . This is to be concider a small mesh size.
C= 4 cm = 1 3/4" . Standard mesh for SlowFeeding Optimal.
D = 5 cm = 2" . This is to be concider a large mesh size.

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From: SlowFeeding International
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Last update: 05.08.2019 18:39
In Stock: backorder 21 days