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About Us

Really, it is more about you and those around you. Live better life without added costs, and focus on the important things only.

YuliApp® Logo Change the world, one shop, one customer at a time
YuliApp® is an online service and mobile app best described as cloud shop, effortlessly connecting the local shops with their customers worldwide.

YuliApp was created by Yulia Smetana (Gorinshteyn) who now acts as CEO. Yulia presented first presented YuliApp in June 2017 as her bachelor project for University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Official release was in December 2017 after more then two years of development.

YuliApp® is Reg. Tm. EU IP Off.
For press inquiries, use of the logo, name and content please contact us.

CEO smiling With our CEO Yulia, and CTO Fred we are small, funny, serious and skilled team of 11 people in Germany and many volunteers and friends around the globe.
We work in an abandoned train station, drive cars older then many of us old are, enjoy 90ties music, 70ties attitude and elegance of the 20ties.
We take the best from "good old times" and do something that our future is even better.

Der Turm For the uninitiated, it might look like a British villain's lair, but the reality is way more subtle. YuliApp's HQ tower is a place with an awesome view to relax and work.
The Tower is located in a small city of Vaihingen in the south Germany (Baden-W├╝rtemberg) which offers very good conditions for startups, especially internet connection, affordable space and many competent people in all branches thanks to Porsche and Daimler headquarters and manufacturing plants nearby.