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Account Type Comparison — Cloud Shop YuliApp®


Shop / Service

Shopping Fairy

Delivery Service
• Free, forever and ever
EveHive is and stays free for you. You pay only delivery costs and purchased products or services.

• Shop and collect bonus
Benefit from better and better conditions the more you shop and support your local businesses.

• Transparent Deliver Costs
Delivery costs are fixed based on the distance to the most distant shop you purchase from and start at 5€ without minimal purchase limit.
Delivery costs are lower than if you would have to shop by yourself.

• Custom orders
You can order literally anything you want. If it is not already listed, just add it as a custom product, describe it or even add a photo of it and specify your top price.

• Private Ads
Sell used or unused stuff to people around you. Price is fixed at 10€ and includes shipping in most cases.

• For Everybody
This account is usable for a private person, family or companies who just want to buy online.
• Free
Own shop costs nothing. Individual depots could ask one time fee for extra services.

• Get Your Own Online-Shop, and Save Over 100€ per Month
Add own products or services to globally available shopping platform. Manage your own products and offers.

Take an advantage of free delivery service - your products will be delivered to customers around you without any additional effort for you.

Save over 100€ a month thanks to our Cloud Shop where you have no IT effort or service contracts keeping it up, safe and running. No domain or web page required either.

Offer your own delivery or shipping service to be available around the globe.

• Friendly for Big Customers
Monthly overview, statistics, search and tax data can be downloaded directly from the website. Connection to SAP and many other ERP systems.
Sell for usual prices without complicated commission calculations.

• No Changes for You, Many Advantages Within
Other than more customers, nothing changes for you. Your products will be purchased and paid as if any other customer come to visit you. Our shopping fairies pick, pay and deliver what many new customers around you want to buy.

• For Bussiness of Any Size and Servicemen
This account is meant for companies and persons who wish to offer and sell their products and services online.
• Free, per sale provision
Registration is free and includes full training.
We verify individuals and companies before they are certified as shopping fairies.
Bigger delivery companies with multiple employees only need to register once.

• Freedom in Your Hands
Work when you want and as much as you want.
Lookup open orders around you and pick those which you like to deliver.

• Fair and Performance-focused
Commission is less than 10%. From the delivery costs...
Smart deals for fastest delivery and best-rated service.
Just make your delivery and it is done for you. We care about warranty, bills, and commissions.

• For Everybody With a Car
Maybe you want to work just once every second week on Tuesday. Well, you are hired anyway!
We do accept professional shipping businesses as well. Aren't we cool.