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Fair conditions for Africa - Free Online Marketplace

“Give a man a fish, and he will be hungry again tomorrow; teach him to catch a fish, and he will be richer all his life.”
Connecting local businesses, non-profit organisations with their customers and helping them to resist the global giants.

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About our mission:

Our goal is to boost the economy in Africa by open-sourcing the online marketplace. We give business owners and service-providers provision-free online shop, even without ads or recurring fees.
Support our effort to network Africa and connect all surviving businesses with wider customer audience. Help them offer better products while getting better pay for their hard work.
Let's not let Africa become a trash-can of "civilized" countries, and getting flooded with cheap and unhealthy food.
Let's do this before big global companies start to exploit and profit on the growing economies.
Let's make the whole earth better for all of us.

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Donate to the effort

Any amount is welcome and goes directly to the depots, without provision.

Africa needs to be fixed in Africa

Supporting massive immigration to Europe or USA is not a solution. Africa is an amazing continent, with awesome history, culture, nature and even more amazing people in it.
Since colonial times Africa has been abused and exploited by rich developed countries and what is left is often ruled by people of suspicious interests.
By giving power to regular people, you not only reverse the destruction process but also prepare the ground for working local economy.

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