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YuliApp is now EveHive

-YuliApp is now EveHive.

Transition will take few weeks to complete.
There are no plans to drastically change the actual business model or contracts.

New partner allows us to focus on growth and expand to new markets while staying on our goal to make the international e-commerce more future proof and fair.
New CEO and director's board will be announced April 26.
Posted: 2/5/2019 20:10

YuliApp now supports Western Union

-YuliApp now supports good old Western Union as one of it's payment methods (for pay in and pay out) making it world's first marketplace to do so.
Posted: 1/3/2019 19:17

New App Version

-We have updated an android version of the app.
Posted: 12/26/2018 17:54

Unlimited cloud, Bitcoin and 300.000 users.

-YuliApp aims for 300.000 users by Christmas, here is what to expect before end of the year:

- we have added blogging feature for shops and galleries

- car configurator

- rentals (cars, appartments) and bookings

- new App for iOS and Android (actual one lasted one year without needed updates!)

- Vallerie (our A.I.) will be fully on for searches and suggestions as well as registration screening and security.

- messenger gets overhaul but stays for 4+ years old

- galleries and cloud gets unlimited (7TB per user now)

- more payment options including bitcoin and multiple valets

- free delivery for alone living elderly
Posted: 11/18/2018 20:06

Free Delivery for the Elderly

-YuliApp announces free delivery for alone living persons over 80 years of age in many cities and villages around the world.

To order anything from groceries or lunch to cleaning services, elderly can use app or a web browser.

YuliApp supports prepaid accounts managed by technically skilled family members and subscriptions as well.
Posted: 11/13/2018 13:15

Most popular shops on YuliApp

-We have created list of most popular shops and businesses on YuliApp

Posted: 7/27/2018 19:05

YuliApp Accepts Bitcoin

-As a first online marketplace on the world YuliApp now accepts bitcoin for all operations and includes seller's and buyer's conversion protection.

With conversion protection YuliApp automatically performs the conversion within up to 36 hours window where conversion is highest for beneficiary (usually the seller). If the price drops within 36h under the sale value, the transaction is canceled automatically.

We have added bitcoin also to user to user payments options.

So from now on, you can pay for your groceries, fuel or even a wedding photographer with your hard earned bitcoins.
Posted: 7/18/2018 18:19

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Posted: 6/22/2018 10:28

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Posted: 5/16/2018 22:17
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