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Depots - City and Community Forums Around The World

YuliApp Depots are local community forums taking care of local shops, customers, fairies and more. Depots receive up to 3% of delivery costs from all purchases made in the area - this is a huge motivation for everybody and helps Depots grow.
Depots can be either individual, community-based or professional service companies.

Thank-You: First month 100-1000€ salary to help You start*

By delegating some responsibilities and support to local Depots we make sure that each Depot is governed by those who know the local specifics and can provide inside information about what people really need and want.
Most of the profit and benefits stay in the local community and this business model saves us effort we can then focus on making the YuliApp better for everybody.

We want to have a Depot for every area of 10.000 - 1.000.000 citizens

If there is no third party Depot available in your area, you are served by Country-, Continent- or World-wide YuliApp Depot.


Depots have following role in YuliApp family.

Power of local Know-how

Managers can decide following specifics for their Depots:

Depot can be based on Country, City or topic of interest

As the YuliApp grows, more and more Depots are available around the world.
Every shop and person can decide which Depot he belongs to.
Depots can be for specific geographical area, like cities (FrankfurterShop.de) or based on specific topic, like profession or hobbies (Depot for all photographers,...).

Depot managers welcome

We are on start and looking to create thousands of Depots around the world! If it sounds like a cool job for you, or you just want to help the city or community you like, send us your CV to management[at]yuliapp.com together with the city or community you would like to manage.

Contact us for more details
*) You get first month sallary of 100-1000€ depending on how big or benefitial your Depot is. All other income is based on your performance.