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Shopping Fairy - Why Is Free Shipping a Bad Thing

In YuliApp Community are Shopping Fairies the main delivery power. Shopping fairy looks for purchased shopping carts and makes the delivery, parcel or even shopping / search for you.
All shops registered by YuliApp can use them instead of own delivery to save the costs.
Shopping fairy is job available for everyone.
"Free Shipping" is a deceptive marketing

Why is "Free Shipping" a bad thing

With a "Free Shipping" option customers are falsely informed about the value of the product.
It also reduces competition, because big retailers can negotiate cheaper delivery costs, raising prices for personal post and small business parcels.
If customer do not see and value price of the delivery, they tend to buy more spontaneously, further stressing delivery chain and environment with bigger amounts of small packages.
In the end customer loses and pays often more either way.

YuliApp has transparent, auctioned and competition based delivery costs. Shops always get the full price of the product they list.

(figurative example)

#ShoppingFairy Competition

Are you already a Shopping Fairy? Even if not, show your support and respect to those who work in the delivery chain!
Let's tell everybody, that they deserve better pay and better working conditions. We did our part by removing the "Free Shipping" from our platform and giving them up to 90% of delivery costs.

Send us your picture or tag us on Instagram or Twitter with @YuliAppCom and the hashtag #ShoppingFairy!
Best of them we will reward!