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GDPR Privacy policy

Cookies and Advertising

YuliApp does not share or store personal information in cookies.
YuliApp does not use third party advertising or tracking services.
YuliApp does not use third party mailing or consumer satisfaction / direct marketing services.

E-Mails from YuliApp

E-Mails from YuliApp are sent only to registered users after they are logged in first. If You have received E-Mail originating from one of YuliApp domains and you are not registered, it might be used by the spammer without You or us knowing. Please contact us in this case, we will try to help You secure your company or home.
Registration E-Mails
Registration E-Mails are sent when somebody registers at YuliApp. If you think somebody used your E-Mail to register without Your knowledge, please contact us on the contact below.

Contact Information

Data Safety Manager
Fon: +49 (0) 7042 811 68 41
  • This contact we will use to respond to your inquiry.