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Have You ever asked yourself, why You can order only cheap pizza online? Why postmen only delivers when you are not at home? Why there is no way to order just EVERYTHING online!
We have asked that ourselves for long time. Then we did million calculations, asked many friends and professionals and made something for everybody.

This is Yulia and her YuliApp®

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YuliApp is like a Taxi for your online purchases

How does it work? YuliApp® is made to connect local businesses with their customers. You can order anything already available in the online shop from YuliApp® or add your own product, like, for example "Any coffee will save me right now".
Shopping Fairy then sees your order and tries to localy buy it for you and deliver to your doors in specified time. Sounds simple?



YuliApp is made of many hundrets of depots around the world. Our depots are like city or community forum. Everybody can be a depot manager and have it either as a hobby or a job.
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By YuliApp can have everybody own shop. Small or big, everybody is welcome.
In addition to zero sale-provision, you can benefit from built-in crowd delivery - our shopping fairies.

Shopping Fairies

Shopping fairies are our delivery girls and boys.
Shopping fairy looks for purchased shopping carts and makes the delivery, parcel or even shopping for you.
All shops registered by YuliApp can use them instead of own delivery to save the costs.
Shopping fairy is job available for everyone.
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Our customers are all people on the Globe.
Everybody can benefit from transparent costs, shopping without limits set by available offers and delivery time when it is comfortable. Over 100000 customers around the world as of August 2018, growing every day.

So, How Can We Help You Today?

Not sure? Well, let us inspire you:

If You think, that only few privileged can afford it, then try YuliApp®. It is simple and free to join.

How Can We Help Your Business Today?

How Can You Help Us Today?

Jessica, Jana and Theresa - Different Perspective to a Simple Wish

Since over 5 years Jessica makes every day breakfast and lunch for her two kids and husband. Sure, she loves them, loves to do it, but when she is done, she barely have time for her self, and have to start thinking about dinner, groceries, maybe pay some bills, clean house, with luck some sport.
She might be a stay-at-home mother, but for many years she had no time for her painting hobby.

Meet Jana
Jana moved to the city with her boyfriend. She does not have a job at this moment and as an a certified nurse, she has troubles finding one in a small city too.
Jana started to take out dogs and go for small deals of her elderly neighbor for small fee and was enjoying moments outside away from depressing television.
She likes to visit small coffee shop in a city, where she lonely stares into an awesome coffee cup.

Theressa owns a small backery and coffee shop in city center
When she is not filling taxes, she makes angry comments about cheap Aldi bread and instant coffee drinkers to her friend Jessica. Her legendary cakes are mostly thrown away as she did not found a way to balance between raids of random visitors and days when literaly nobody comes.

Nobody of them thought something could every change, till they met Yulia, our small town angel :-).

Yulia asked them three simple questions:

Jessica, would you pay 10€ a day if somebody delivers you breakfast and lunch box for your three family members every day?

Theresa, would it improve your business and reduce your stress and overhead if Jana would come to pick 60 of your legendary cakes and other products every day for a regular price?

Jana, you love to help people, i know at least 10 Jessicas around you, would you just take 60 boxes from Theresa every day and deliver them to 10 Jessicas around you for higher hour sallary then working a regular job? As a bonus, we have a shop where you can advertise your dog walking services for free. Even do more shopping if and when you have time.

Shop where you can order something you didn't know you can order

In YuliApp® you can shop for wishes. You can specify your own wish, product you like, or just a service you need by simple writing it down. No need to pick from selected offers.
Maybe Jana one day needs to change winter tires on her car and store them somewhere for the whole summer?
She types the wish in YuliApp®, sets her price limit and waits.
Jake, the bored mechanic in a car shop nearby sees it, and says, why not? I would do that for a lady in distress, especially for those 50€ she offered!
So he accepts an offer and makes a profit in lazy hours.

One Year Later

• Jessica now sells her paintings over YuliApp®. Husband loves her even more, because he does not have same bread and butter every day.
• Jana is a local hero, and with her new contacts she even found a part time job as a nurse for small town doctor who does home visits over YuliApp®.
She still walks dogs as well as she have three her self.
• Theresa now have two more employees, they make the best breakfast sandwiches and have fun making every day something new for their customers, knowing they come every day.
• Jake converted his unused barn to tire storage. This alone pays for his holiday every year. His shop found new customers from many small cities around.
YuliApp® is the most effective business-to-customer matching App in the world.