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YuliApp® - ingenious idea for an investment

Offer Improve Help YuliApp is the free crowd and open-source global online marketplace supporting all existing payment methods and the new usage of advertisement. YuliApp has no sale provision, no monthly costs or other fees. The concept is based on the free market economy promoted and powered by YuliApp.
YuliApp - revolution, the world has been waiting for!
Offer Improve Help The structure of YuliApp is pretty smart. The Customer is in the middle of the system and can wish for anything: e.g., deliver breakfast under 5$, find somebody who can fix the bike, rent a house, or get a new haircut. The customer types in a wish (there is a possibility of free text input), and it doesn't matter if it is online or not, a Shopping Fairy takes care of the wish and makes it happen. There are no limits for the customer at all also referring to the payment method. YuliApp accepts all common payment methods, including cash on delivery, the only one available everywhere worldwide right now and without transaction fees.

The Shopping Fairies are the most modern delivery for the public. Besides delivering Shopping Fairies also send, package and consult with the customer. They get paid for office and driving work and once per month pay provision to YuliApp. The size of provision (between zero and maximum one euro per assignment) depends on the transaction and is not comparable with that of the rivalry (usually starts from ten percent and higher per transaction).

Around the customer are the Shops (including service providers) which can offer anything. YuliApp gives provision free online-shop with zero recurring monthly costs for everybody, access to the global product database, direct communication between the shop and the customer, price negotiating options, built-in delivery and much more. The shops are grouped in Depots, which are local representative communities, like Facebook groups. Usually, city or country based, but can also be topic based (like pets, vegan or events-based Depots).

Offer Improve Help
YuliApp is available from Google and Apple Stores and is the first app having the same features as the regular web browser.

The calculation of YuliApp business plan shows evidently the advance of the crowd and open-source business model over the current monetization model used by the competition such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and substitutes in the e-commerce.

How can You Help?

We are looking for partners and seed stage / angel investor around the world.
Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in investing or cooperation with EveHive™.

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Help us do the right thing for the world we live in.
We are just at the beginning of our long journey and profit is not our top priority at this moment, so any help from independent investors is welcome! We are privately owned so company shares as well as venture funding is an option.

Nonfinancial Support

Small Investors and Donations

Please contact us if you want to support EveHive™ or some of its subprojects, expansion to your country or specific feature fitting your needs.
If you like the idea of YuliApp, you can also donate any amount to our Paypal or Bank Account.

Part of our technology and software environment is donated by Microsoft. 

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Product Feature Release Schedule

Minor Version 1.2
• Japanese locale support
• Automatic product categorization
• Rating (products, shops)
• Comments (products, shops)
• Android App with location / distance

Minor Version 1.3
• Time off for bug fixes and safety
• Preparing for server farm upgrade
• A.I. Screening for fairies and registrations
• A.I. Screening for new products

Major Version 2.0
• Server 2016
• SQL Server 2016
• NLP Search
• Built-in text translator