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YuliApp® is the most effective business-to-customer matching App in the world,

effortless and cost effective cloud shop for every business on earth and job opportunities for everyone.

YuliApp aims to improve your family and free time without changing your habits or sacrifice the comfort you like.

For Customers

YuliApp is an Online Shop where you can purchase goods and services from all shops and individuals around you.
You can create a classified ad and sell your own used products as well.
YuliApp offers communication between customers, free photo gallery and cloud backup, friend and family based shopping cart with easy to use shopping list and zero ads (you see ads only if you want to get paid by viewing them).

YuliApp is and stays free to use.

For Delivery Service

Get the most flexible job in the world by making shopping tours for others when you want and can.
See what people around you want to buy, make the purchase for them and deliver it for reasonable profit.

For Your Business

Create a new online shop or move your existing one to YuliApp including your own design and branding.

Running a shop on YuliApp is free for you, forever and includes zero provision over your price. If you sell a product for 10€, you will receive 10€.
YuliApp is paid by provision on added value only (for example delivery, payment processing and ads).

Until the end of 2018 new shop registration is free as well.
YuliApp contains a global product database, so importing a new product is as simple as using the already existing products added by manufactures or other shops.
YuliApp can connect with your accounting system and product database, creates reports and handles basic customer activities like returns, chat, payments and more.
YuliApp supports cash on delivery transactions as well.

If you already use Amazon or eBay, you can enjoy simple sharing of all products between the shops too.