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SlowFeeding net for Haybar Horse

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The SlowFeeding Haybar Net is a SlowFeeding net that makes a "Hay Bar Horse", or an equivalent corner feeder (of the same size and shape) into a very efficient SlowFeeder that is quick and easy to fill and offers the horse natural eating, straight forward and from the top down. The Horse Corner Feeder Net is only recommended to those who have understood that it is absolutely essential for the horse to have continuous access to roughage because a horse that is frustrated might tear the net loose if he wants more than there was in the feeder. Scientific studies at The University of Agriculture in Sweden and in vivo experience have shown that 2 fillings of a Hay bar with a Horse Corner Feeder Net can reteach the horse to eat in a natural way taking frequent pauses making the hay last for much longer than horses receiving the same amount of hay (1.5% of his body weight in dry substance hay in this case) divided into 3 servings on the floor. The horses went from having a 6 hour starvation period during the night without the net to having no starvation period at all with the Horse Corner without eating more.

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